Continuing our blog series about ARDENT partners, we would like to introduce you to University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN), residing in Amsterdam, the Netherlands but operating throughout the world!

The University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN) is a dynamic international network of academics, practitioners and business professionals focused on establishing and improving relationships between education and industry. UIIN is a leading organisation in the field of university-industry interaction, collaborative innovation and entrepreneurial universities. With its consultancy, professional training and events, UIIN actively converts research to practice and supports universities, business and government in developing stronger and more strategic relationships, more future-oriented institutions and ultimately building a knowledge society for a better tomorrow.

To exploit the full value of collaboration and cooperation (open innovation), ultimately making an impact to academia, business and society, UIIN has engaged in more than 10 large scale university-business cooperation, innovation alliances and entrepreneurship in higher education initiatives. Some of them focus on promoting entrepreneurship education (WEXHE, EEE, PIETE) and fostering community development and co-creation (Restart+ Communities, UCITYLAB). By being a part of this exciting project, UIIN aims to help support the contribution of universities to rural development through knowledge co-creation and exchange.  

Given its international exposure and expertise, within ARDENT UIIN will be leading the dissemination activities by means of its unique expertise in the development of international network structures. Next to building its own network which has grown since its start in 2012 to an international network of 300+ members from 30+ countries, UIIN has supported the development and implementation of a number of EU projects on developing regional and international alliances, amongst others the recognized European Commission Good Practice Knowledge Alliance project SHIP.

In addition to its capability of developing network structures, UIIN has a proven track record in supporting the interaction between the university and business sector. UIIN is a truly international network.

For more information please visit UIIN website