The ARDENT consortium has produced its Needs Analysis Report. Yet, what is it? The Needs Analysis Report is a document in which we present the societal and economic needs and challenges of a given region or community identified at different rural consultation events. The report gives an insight into the rural consultation events that took place in each of the Partner countries and lists the challenges identified by the topic headline.

The report gives, firstly, an overview of all Rural Consultation Events held in all Partner locations in 2020. This part provides insight into how the events were planned, organised and conducted. It gives information on the rural council members backgrounds and their contribution to the meeting. The next chapter elaborates on the outcome of the rural consultation events. It gives an overview of the economic and social challenges in the rural communities and suggestions made by the Rural Council members on the solutions that would guide the student entrepreneurial projects, as well as potential topics for the community workshops to be offered during the national launches. The needs analysis report is part of the second intellectual output of the ARDENT project, besides the rural consultation roadmap. Furthermore, the ARDENT consortium has developed a set of other valuable materials that likewise contribute to entrepreneurship education for adults.

In the frame of our Erasmus+ project ARDENT, the results of the rural consultation event will also help the partner Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to plan the content and approach of further project outputs, namely the Rural Entrepreneurship Community-based Learning Pack (CBL Program). The Rural Entrepreneurship CBL Programme will be customised in accordance with the topics that arose during the rural consultation events. The identified challenges are fixed in this needs analysis report which was produced based on the outcome of the rural consultation events. During the CBL teaching programme, adult learners/ students develop and implement entrepreneurial projects targeting an improvement of the identified themes presented in this document.

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