Perhaps you have wondered already, or perhaps you know what the Community-Based Learning Toolkit (CBL Toolkit) is. The CBL Toolkit is the main didactic resource of the ARDENT project, aimed at upskilling adult learners and preparing them to devise and execute solutions for challenges in rural areas. The expected impact of the CBL Toolkit include:

a) increased potential of program implementation in other HEIs/ rural contexts

b) increased alignment between HEI adult learning activities and the local needs

c) enhanced social responsibility and entrepreneurial skills among HEIs and the adult community (in addition to project management and implementation skills) Call 2019 Round 1 KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices

d) achieved synergistic effects between core activities of the university (1) educating and (2) knowledge transfer for society

e) deliverance of tangible outputs, such as the implementation of projects for the development of rural communities

The CBL Toolkit comprises two key resources that are made available on our website:

a) Rural Entrepreneurship Accelerator – a comprehensive, hands-on training package that wants to develop, test, and grow creative and innovative solutions for societal and economic needs of rural areas in a few months. During the training program, adult learners will therefore develop and implement entrepreneurial projects which aim at improving the issues identified in the rural consultation events.

b) Guide for Facilitators – a detailed set of guidelines on how to implement and facilitate the modules, particularly in an online environment. The purpose is to provide methodological and practical instructions for teachers, facilitators and trainers on how to deliver hands-on, problem-based modules to foster rural entrepreneurship for adults in both physical and online environments.

To summarise, the ARDENT consortium hereby presents a Learning Pack that lays out the details of how to plan and implement a training program in form of a Rural Entrepreneurship Accelerator, and to develop solutions tailored to the needs of the rural communities. The CBL toolkit includes information on the structure of the training program, the identification of potential participants and moderators, the nature of discussing questions and promotional activities to attract participants to the training program. The strategy document also contains templates, forms, and other materials to be used during the planning, implementation, and follow-up process of the training program. Taking the document as a guideline, the partner Higher Education Institutions of the ARDENT project will plan and implement the training in their regions and evaluate the results.

Interested in the CBL toolkit?

Download your copy here.

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