1. What inspired you to start your own business?

The main reason I started my own business was my desire to be my own boss. I wanted to have the freedom to make decisions, especially regarding my working hours. As an entrepreneur, I work much longer hours, but if you put in the effort, use your knowledge and perseverance, the profits will come.

  1. You’ve been an entrepreneur for some time already. What do you like most about being an entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur makes me happy because I can do what I want. I can make my own decisions and organise my own workday. I like my job and my business and that keeps me going. Passion for the business is the most important thing for success.

  1. What do you think it takes to be a good entrepreneur, e.g. skills or characteristics?

Self-confidence is the most important factor in business, while doubting your own abilities is half the way to failure. Believing in yourself keeps you going and drives you forward. The second important factor is management skills – in dealing with people, finances, communication, etc.

Stipo Stipić with the products on fair
  1. Do you think that can-do mindset to be your greatest strength as an entrepreneur or do you see your greatest strength in another area?

My greatest strength is to be realistic and determined when it comes to my business. I am a very realistic person and tend to make rational decisions, protecting my interests and those of my business partners and paying attention to long-term relationships. Thinking only about my interests without considering the long-term interests of my business partners will not bring success. In addition, I am very decisive. Slow decision making leads to chaos and loss of your competitive advantage.

  1. Where have you learned the most how to be an entrepreneur and what stimulated your growth the most?

 I gained basic knowledge of this industry in high school. After that I became a master woodcarver and I really enjoyed the process of learning. It’s really important to love what you do. But I also always wanted to achieve something on my own, so I started my own business. Later, in contact with other entrepreneurs from the same industry, in our discussions and analyses, I learned a lot about entrepreneurship. My biggest motivation is my employees. When I see how happy they come to work, I know that they are more productive and proactive and that success is guaranteed.

  1. What are the concrete things that you do to build your growth mindset/improve your mental strength?

Be able to find optimal solutions to challenges and focus on priorities, especially in a crisis. The current situation, caused by the pandemic of the COVID -19 virus, forced us to reduce costs, but also to postpone some of the planned investments.


Header photo by Scott Webb from Pexels