The ARDENT Community-Based Learning Centre has been created for those who want to run a programme targeting adult learners to revitalise rural areas and boost rural entrepreneurship. Based on the IO3 Community-Based Learning Package of the ARDENT project, the Centre has been created for:

Business enablers

If you find yourself among these target groups and are interested in implementing your own challenge-based intervention at your organisation, follow our 7-step process that includes relevant resources to kick-start your Rural Entrepreneurship journey!

KEEP IN MIND: before embarking in your Rural Entrepreneurship journey,  you will need to create a rural consultation event. Check out our ad-hoc resources on how to organise one in your region.

The ARDENT Community-Based Learning Roadmap

Expert interviews

Orla Casey, founder and owner of Momentum Educate + Innovate, and Helen McGuirk, Head of the Hincks Centre for Entrepreneurship Excellence at Munster Technological University, share with us their perspective about the importance of rural regeneration and how entrepreneurship and rural communities can be the right tools to achieve it.